Hello, my name is  Joni Howland, associate professor of social work at Mount Mercy University. Alongside Director of International Programs Catharine Cashner, we will accompany nine students from the Social Welfare class to England, leaving January 7 and returning January 23.

We invite you to follow the class’s adventures as we spend approximately two weeks in Canterbury, visiting local social service agencies, attending on-campus lectures with the faculty of Canterbury Christ Church University’s social work department, and touring cultural sites throughout Southern England, such as Dover Castle and White Cliffs of Dover, London, Stonehenge, Salisbury, and Canterbury Tales Museum. We will also work to expand Mount Mercy’s already strong partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University, where we are excited to build connections and gain new perspectives.

We hope these trips will provide students with a better understanding of global issues and cultural diversity, giving them a competitive edge in their careers, as employers increasingly look for candidates with international awareness.

Our students will be posting updates on their experiences, reflections, and learning outcomes, and I encourage you to check back often for photos, updates and news.  We hope you enjoy following our small group as we travel England!

-Joni Howland


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