Through sickness and in health!


Cheers! My name is Kayla, and I am a third year student at Mount Mercy Uni. I wanted to go on this trip to experience another culture’s perspective on social work, and just in general how they live. We have definitely been doing a lot of that around here and have been enjoying our time. There is always something new to learn and I can’t wait to see what we will find in London!

Hello!! my name is Angel and I am a third year social work student at Mount Mercy University.  I wanted to go on this trip across the pond to learn about England’s social work programs and policies.  I also wanted to make this trip because I have never been out of the USA and wanted to experience a new country and culture.  Things have been fun and interesting here in jolly ole England.

Good day mate, This is Keely and I am a third year social work major at MMU. I became interested on the trip to England when I started working with diverse populations. This had opened my perspective into a whole new world. Even better, I thought, why not a whole new country? I enjoy seeing different cultures and meeting new people, but even learning about their policies and how they incorporate their social work system into their every day life compared to us.

As our journey has continued throughout Kent, we have visited the two agencies of Homestart and Riverside Children’s Centre. The first agency was Homestart where we were able to learn about the large organization that provides support and resources for children and their families. The coordinator of Homestart was competent in explaining the program and appeared to be enthusiastic about it. The program is a group of 16  trained workers and over a 100 volunteers. They provide outreach in the homes and help the families with daily tasks such as budgeting, parenting skills, healthy eating and sanitation of the home, etc. The next agency that we visited today was Riverside Children’s Centre. This is an organization that plays a role in improving outcomes for all young children; hence, it is a “universal” programme. There are about 400 children in use of the service and the organization works hard to reach every child in the Kent County. The multi disciplinary teams are available for parents and children to use and help mothers before, during and after pregnancy to keep their children safe and healthy. They work hard to educate the children. One of the many services utilized is peer to peer support, such as breastfeeding and post natal depression.

Not only are we able to learn about the agencies but we have been able to visit the town of Rochester. This was a smaller, cute town with many shops, ruins of the castle and a beautiful cathedral. The castle overlooked a river and a cathedral in sites distance. We indulged in the diners and tea rooms with some shopping as well. For Kayla and Keely, this was their first day out, being ill. They were able to get fresh air and see a beautiful sight. Thankfully, they have progressively gotten well.

Today is our last day in Canterbury and we are off to London tomorrow. We will have the chance to visit Stonehenge, Salisbury and Avebury on our drive. Then we will have two enjoyable days in London where we have a few activities. We can see the guards and Big Ben. Sunday, we will return to the states mate. xx


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