Weekend Update

Catharine here with a brief update on some of our activities.  Today (Sunday) has dawned bright and sunny, and the students who were sick earlier in the week are feeling better today.

After an intensive week of lectures and meetings with agencies, Saturday was eagerly anticipated as our first full-day field trip.  We had booked a visit to Dover Castle, an enormous castle built on the famous White Cliffs of Dover, overlooking the English Channel.  The oldest building in the complex is a Roman lighthouse built around 50 AD, and the castle has been used for defense from Roman times until as late as WWII.  It had been rainy for much of the week, but the weather cleared up somewhat on Saturday, making it a great day for the castle, or so we thought… Unfortunately, when we arrived, we found that the medieval sections of the castle were closed due to winds of up to 50-60 mph gusting along the tops of the cliffs.  We were able to tour a recreated WWII hospital located deep in tunnels in the cliffs and see a WWII Fire Command Post with sweeping views of Dover and the English Channels.  Some of the group also heard some spooky ghost stories from a helpful staffer at the castle.   After a chilly, blustery morning on top of the cliffs, we had lunch in a local diner, with most of us indulging in the artery-clogging but delicious traditional English breakfast (sausage, bacon, egg, toast, and baked beans).

Attached in the gallery are a few photos from last week.


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