Of lice and fleas

It will be a relief to all of our loyal readers to know that, unlike the original Canterbury Tales’ pilgrims, none of the Mount Mercy travellers have lice or fleas. Nonetheless, we do have a few students who have picked up the local virus and feel under the weather today.

We spent time in Whitstable this morning and afternoon, prior to and following our social care agency meeting. Although it was a rainy day, the double decker bus ride to Whitstable proved fun enough to warrant several pictures throughout the 30 minute trip. 

I’ll let the student bloggers fill you in on our agency visit with Kent Social Services, including their impressions; but, as an instructor, I want to comment on the professional manner in which Mount Mercy’s social work group continues to present itself.  It’s really been a pleasure travelling with this group.

Now, it’s on to checking emails, dinner, laundry and bed. Tomorrow we journey to the White Cliffs of Dover and Dover Castle.

Cheers, Joni


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