The first two days

Greetings from England. After a smooth and safe journey through O’Hare International Airport, across parts of the Northern Atlantic and Heathrow International Airport, we arrived in Canterbury exhausted, but energized by our new surroundings. Catharine Cashner helped with beginning excursions through Canterbury…and ensured we remained awake until a reasonable hour when we all fell into our beds for a sound sleep.

Canterbury is a wonderful city that offers a multitude of educational, historical and shopping attractions. Today we were entertained in the Canterbury Tales Museum where the stage is set for a quick introduction (or review) of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The setting was convincing, and even included the smells of a stable! After splitting into small groups for lunch, we spent two hours touring the Canterbury Cathedral. It is more spectacular than a tourist pamplet can depict. Students took many pictures; be sure to ask to see them when we get home.

Tomorrow starts our week of Canterbury Christ Church University faculty lectures and visits to local social service agencies. Students will begin posting their blogs on January 13, 16, and 19, and will share our most recent activities and their impressions. Please continue traveling through England with us by following our blogs. Enjoy!

Oh, by the way it’s sunny and in the upper 40’s.

Cheers, Joni


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